About Us

About Our Cats


Our initial interests in Savannahs began as a profound attraction to the breed after researching the African Serval. We set out to own, and eventually, breed Savannahs since we had fallen utterly in love with these astonishing cats. 

Katya, our 1st Queen, only cemented our love for the breed with her strong, fiery spirit and shy compassion. Our two domestic cats, Kai and Fred, and pit bull, Kenley, took a few weeks to adjust to the new fireball, but she quickly became a cherished family member. She absolutely loves to play and adores physical challenges. She can easily jump over 6 ft. from a sitting position. She chases after toys and lasers with the fervor of a wild animal, but the reservation of a tamed pet. She can be a bit fussy, she complains when she’s being held or pet for too long, but she often finds herself following us around the house, rubbing on our legs and observing us. She spends the rest of her day roughing up the other pets, proud to use her size advantage to have her way. 

A few months later, we added an F8 SBT, Neko, to out cattery. His disposition is that of a true ambassador. He's calm, playful, inquisitive, and affectionate. He always wants to know what’s going on when projects are happening at home. Neko studies what we do throughout the day, a spark of desire flaring in his eyes whenever the cabinet door opens. He waits next to the table, pleading with his eyes for a piece of meat or desert. He watches tv if he’s in a quaint mood, happy to receive some back rubs in the meantime. His arrival marked the start of a mission to provide others with the same profound friendships we’d experienced with our cats. 

Eventually, we acquired an F6 SBT male, Ramses, our vigorous, softhearted battering Ram. His strong, deep colors, glistening golden accents, and boisterous personality distinguished him from Neko’s soft earthen tones, smooth patterning, and cool mood. His energy keeps the entire house alive even after everyone has had a long day. 

Then came Freya, our F4 SBT shipped in from Scotland, named after the Norse goddess of Love. A fitting description, as she proved to be one of our most affectionate pets. Constantly seeking to snuggle in our laps, speaking in her sweet little voice, demanding human fingers to scratch behind her ears and under her chin. 

A Furrever Friend


Savannahs are prized for their outgoing, dog-like personality. They are alert, curious, playful, and affectionate. They love long hours of vigorous exercise playing with their owners as well as cuddling in the bed next to any members of their household. Your Savannah will prove to be a unique, loving life-long friend. 

Each Savannah has a distinct personality with their own desires and wills. You can expect your cat to have a mind of its own, but as with most things, the time you spend with it will reflect in its behavior. It’s possible to train your cat to come when called, play fetch, or take a walk outside on a leash. Your dedication to your new Savannah will be rewarded if you train it well. Don’t expect the dog-like personality if it is left at home by itself and never given attention. 

Savannahs are a very energetic breed and require vast amount of attention to be mentally healthy. They love to play with toys, other pets, and people. They also love to sit by windows with nice views, watch tv, gaze into fish tanks, and ponder your daily activities. It is recommended to maintain a dynamic environment so that your Savannah does not grow bored or frustrated. Buy or build your cat a few toys every now and again, you’ll both be thankful when you start playing!