Frequently Asked Questions (Under Construction)

What is a Savannah?

A Savannah is a hybrid crossbreed between the African Serval and a domestic housecat. It was accepted as a breed by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2001 and became a championship breed in 2012.

What is F?

-  The percentage of inherited Serval genes depends on many factors, including the filial generation of the cat in question, as well as its lineage. Filial generation refers to how ‘far’ a Savannah is from the purebred Serval. An F1 generation would be the offspring of a Serval. An F2 would be the grandchild of the Serval and so on. Notice that the designation is based on the distance from the Serval, it has nothing to do with the percentage of non-serval lineage. An F1 can be the product of a serval and a Housecat or another Savannah of any generation.


The lineage of a cat is a much more detailed and specific categorization of the genetic heritage of a Savannah. An F1 Savannah can be the result of a Serval mating with a Housecat, in which case it would have 50% Serval inheritance. If the Serval were mated with an F1 Savannah (not commonly done), the litter would possess 75% Serval Inheritance since the Savannah parent is half Serval. If a Serval was mated with a later generation Savannah, the litter would have a lesser degree of Serval genes depending on the generation although TICA does not yet have a designation for this. As such, TICA breeders use A, B, C, and SBT designations as a more complete description of Savannah’s lineage.

A means that one parent is a Serval and the other is a Savannah. B means that both parents are Savannahs and at least one is an A. C is when both parents are Savannahs and at least one is a B. The F4 generation is the first that can be considered as a pure-bred Savannah, ‘SBT’-stud book tradition, if all familial cats back to the Serval are Savannahs. 

How much do they cost?

A Savannah can cost anywhere from $1-2k (for F6-8) to $18-22k (for F1) depending on the lineage, Serval percentage, and other factors such as coat design (according to TICA guidelines) and temperament. The lower the generation, the relative ease of mating, gestation, and birthing, so they are more prevalent and less expensive. The hybridization results in genetic inviability, creating sexually sterile males until at least the F4 generation and later. This results in breeder females being more valuable in earlier generations (F1-3) and breeder males being more valuable at later generations (F4 and on). Agreeable personalities, SBT lineage, and striking/traditional coats will naturally be worth more as pets and breeders. Also, whether an aspiring owner wishes to purchase a pet or breeder will affect the price as breeders are more rare and valuable. 


We are the proud owners of a beautiful F2 Savannah from Sirenzo Savannah's. 

I became aware of this breed more than a decade ago, and have been waiting not only to afford one, but for the perfect Savannah companion. After a lot of research, emails, visiting a couple of different catteries, I knew an felt this would be the best fit. The hard part is finding one that has the wild looks, I was focused on a strong color with those inky black spots, and also finding a breeder who cares for their kittens in the manner that Eric and Justin do. I searched for years, and happy to have finally chosen Sirenzo Savannahs

When our kitten, Jake, was ready we went to pick him up. Eric and Justin were nice enough to open up their home and let us stay. During our time with them it is evident that they truly care and love thier animals, their facility was clean, and they also have a dog which was perfect since we have dogs at home. 

Jake is the highlight of our home. We love to wake up to his incredibly loud purrs coupled with his hello headbutts. Jake loves to play, play, play, and when he's not he is actively checking out what ever it is we are doing, or playing with our dogs. 

I highly recommend Sirenzo Savannahs for fine quality, love and attention to this breed. 

Don & Danyelle 

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